Natalia Andreeva
"Ready to Fly"
8x10, Oil (2361)

Steve Andrews
6x6, Oil (2463)

Linda Apriletti
"Afternoon by Lake Virginia"
6x8, Oil (2352)

Irina Kovnacka Ashcraft
"Bloomin' Again"
7x5, Oil on Canvas Panel (2276)

Stephen Bach
"Fledglings, Lake Cherokee"
16x12, Oil (2383)

Stacy Barter
"Putting Practing"
6x8, Oil on Linen (2377)

Kathleen Chenet
"Town's Winter Park Garden Tenders"
16x20, Oil on Canvas (2301)

Matthew Cornell
7x7, Oil on Wood (2340)

Kathleen Denis
"On A Spring Day"
11x14, Oil (2292)

Charles Dickinson
"Polasek View"
8x10, Oil (2471)

Cynthia Edmonds
"Garden View"
12x9, Oil on Canvas (2474)

Elisabeth Ferber
"Lake Maitland Sunset"
8x10, Oil (2389)

Michelle Held
"Hanging in Plumbege"
10x8, Oil (2311)

Scott Hiestand
"The Brood"
20x24, Acrylic (2216)

Stewart Jones
"The Hidden Canal"
12x16, Watercolor (2231)

Peter Pettegrew
"Sunset over Lake Maitland"
12x24, Oil (2313)

Jeff Ripple
"Lake Virginia from Behind the Cornell Museum "
9x12, Oil on Board (2249)

Robert Ross
"Evening in Thornton Park"
10x10, Oil on Wood (2374)

Gary Rupp
"The Lake"
12x9, Pastel (2299)

Tom Sadler
10x8, Oil on Panel (2270)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Cypress on the Shore"
8x10, Oil (2347)

Manon Sander
"Favorite Toy"
14x11, Oil (2232)

Don Sondag
"Unfettered in the Rain"
16x12, Oil on Canvas (2288)

Thomas Thorspecken
"Maiden of the Roman Campagna"
11x14, Watercolor (2434)

Cory Wright
"Purple Majesty"
6x6, Oil (2396)