Natalia Andreeva
"Emily's Courtyard"
14x11, Oil on Linen (1686)

Steve Andrews
"Station Colors"
6x8, Oil (1885)

Irina Kovnacka Ashcraft
"Sunset Blush"
6x6, Oil on Canvas Board (1798)

Stacy Barter
"Garden Trellis"
12x12, Oil on Linen (1696)

Hiu Lai Chong
20x10, Oil (1881)

Matthew Cornell
"Sleeping In"
6x5, Oil on Panel (1878)

Kathleen Denis
"Plant Sale"
14x11, Oil (1622)

Charles Dickinson
"Orchid in the Evening"
8x10, Oil (1642)

Bill Farnsworth
12x16, Oil (1889)

Mark Fernandez
"Old Growth"
9x10, Oil on Panel (1751)

Mary Garrish
"Cypress Shawdows"
20x16, Oil (1755)

John Guernsey
"Rose Garden at Park Ave"
11x14, Oil (1765)

Joseph Gyurcsak
"A Slice of Polasek"
10x8, Watercolor/Gouache (1707)

Michelle Held
"Early Bird"
5x7, Oil (1870)

Scott Hiestand
"In Flight"
6x8, Acrylic (1866)

Patrick Noze
"Blue Chairs and Pan"
14x11, Oil on Canvas (1656)

Jeff Ripple
"Not Long After Dawn, Lake Virginia"
6x8, Oil on Panel (1715)

Robert Ross
"The Upper Window"
12x12, Oil on Birch Panel (1820)

Gary Rupp
"Old Glory"
16x12, Pastel (1842)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Entry to Oz"
12x16, Oil (1874)

Manon Sander
"Dinky Dock Dawn"
6x8, Oil (1791)

Mary O. Smith
"Unexpected Treasure"
11x14, Oil (1888)

Don Sondag
"Methodist Morning"
12x16, Oil on Canvas (1717)

Cory Wright
12x12, Oil (1839)

Vladislav Yeliseyev
"Winter Park Bougainvellia"
15x22, Watercolor (1740)