Steve Andrews
"Waiting for Mr. Right"
8x8, Oil on Board (733)

Stephen Bach
"Eleven PM"
12x16, Oil on Canvas (662)

Jane Chapin
9x12, Oil on Linen (699)

Kathleen Chenet
"Welcome to the Polasek"
16x12, Oil on Canvas (717)

Hiu Lai Chong
"Polasek Garden"
6x12, Oil on Board (676)

Priscilla Coote
"Old Moon in the New Moon's Arms"
12x16, Oil on Board (669)

Matthew Cornell
"Morning Light on Lake Virginia"
6x6, Oil on Wood (680)

Charles Dickinson
"Rollins Boathouse (interior)"
14x11, Oil (583)

Bill Farnsworth
"Dappled Cyprus"
12x16, Oil on Panel (633)

Elisabeth Ferber
"Park Avenue Walkway"
7x2, Oil on Copper (747)

Harold Frontz
"Afternoon Light"
8x10, Oil on Board (708)

Elaine Hahn
"Cida's on Park"
9x12, Oil on Panel (704)

Brenda Hofreiter
"Casa Feliz Towers"
16x12, Oil on Panel (713)

Stewart Jones
"Extended Boundaries"
9x12, Watercolor (678)

Tim Malles
"Cool Breeze "
10x20, Oil on Wood (665)

Nikolay Mikushkin
"Osceola Lake"
18x24, Oil on Canvas (758)

Larry Moore
"Palms I "
12x9, Oil on Canvas (740)

Barbara Perrotti
"View of Knowles Chapel"
16x8, Oil on Linen (628)

Robert Ross
"The Rear Window"
20x16, Oil on Canvas (630)

Gary Rupp
"The Wise One"
14x11, Pastel (755)

Tom Sadler
"Lake Minnehaha"
12x16, Oil on Panel (656)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Art Spirit of Albin Polasek"
16x20, Oil (597)

Don Sondag
"Oak by the Lake"
22x28, Oil on Canvas (658)

Mary Jane Volkmann
"Ready and Waiting"
14x11, Oil on Paper (694)

Lynn Whipple
"Happy Hour"
10x10, Oil on Paper (689)