Steve Andrews
"White Beach Gray Sky"
6x6, Oil on Canvas Board (420)

Stephen Bach
"Osceola Lodge"
14x11, Oil on Canvas (373)

Stacy Barter
"Muscle Cars and Handle Bars Shop"
12x16, Oil on Canvas (328)

Linda Blondheim
"Flower Madness"
8x10, Acrylic on Board (324)

Christophe Cardot
"Butterfly Pose"
6x8, Acrylic on Board (402)

Kathleen Chenet
"Yellow Honey Suckle"
10x8, Oil on Canvas (438)

Matthew Cornell
"Darkness on the Edge of Town"
6x6, Oil on Wood (481)

Charles Dickinson
"Station of the Cross"
14x11, Oil on Linen Board (500)

Katie Dobson Cundiff
"Dappled Light"
24x18, Oil on Canvas (470)

Cynthia Edmonds
"Central Park Fountain"
8x10, Oil on canvas (435)

Mary Erickson
"Sunset Oak"
9x12, Oil on Board (372)

Sally Evans
"Lily Dances in Light"
36x36, Acrylic on Canvas (301)

Elisabeth Ferber
"Sandhill Cranes"
8x10, Oil on Canvas (336)

Brenda Hofreiter
"Through the Garden Gate"
12x9, Oil on Linen Board (396)

Stewart Jones
"The Chapel"
10x14, Watercolor (295)

Bernard Martin
19x27, Oil with Pastel (370)

Larry Moore
"Pattern and Light"
16x12, Oil on Panel (331)

Berto Ortega
"Dock Party"
8x10, Oil on Board (400)

Peter Pettegrew
"Winter Park Sunset"
7x5, Oil on Board (429)

Tom Sadler
"Casa Feliz"
18x24, Oil on linen panel (494)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Tranquil Evening Light"
30x24, Oil on Panel (446)

Robert Simone
"Sol Feliz"
6x8, Oil on Canvas Board (410)

Don Sondag
12x16, Oil on Canvas (421)

Cindy Sturla
"Sunset at Houstons"
5x7, Watercolor (417)

Trish Vevera
"Primeval Struggle"
12x9, Oil on Board (444)

Mary Jane Volkmann
"Ready for Sunset"
6x8, Acrylic on Panel (442)

Lynn Whipple
"Wedding Chapel"
11x14, Oil on Canvas (323)