Stephen Bach
"Pan - Morning Light"
6x6, Oil on Canvas (144)

Stacy Barter
"Randy's Flower Pots"
5x7, Oil on Linen (174)

Linda Blondheim
"Bald Cypress"
24x18, Acrylic on Canvas (181)

Christophe Cardot
"The Tree of Life"
36x24, Acrylic on Linen (126)

Kathleen Chenet
"Chinese Lantern"
12x9, Oil on Canvas (229)

Matthew Cornell
5.5x5.5, Oil on Wood (156)

Charles Dickinson
"The Briarpatch"
12x16, Oil on Canvas (207)

Cynthia Edmonds
"Polasek Sunshine"
12x16, Oil on Canvas (106)

Sally Evans
"Park Avenue Koi"
11x14, Pastel on Board (246)

Elisabeth Ferber
"Park and Morse"
12x12, Oil on Canvas (208)

MJ Gandee
"Sunlit Path"
24x12, Oil on Canvas (222)

Steven Geer
10x10, Oil on Panel (119)

Brenda Hofreiter
18x14, Oil on Canvas (197)

Stewart Jones
"Artist in the Garden"
12x9, Watercolor (220)

Bernard Martin
"Morning Maiden"
30x22, Oil on Canvas (143)

Larry Moore
"The Evening Run"
16x12, Oil on Canvas (184)

Berto Ortega
"A Day in the Life at the Polasek"
20x24, Acrylic on Canvas (164)

Peter Pettegrew
"Under Heavens Skies"
24x12, Oil on Board (158)

Tom Sadler
"Azalea Park"
16x20, Oil on Linen Panel (236)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Garden Sower"
16x20, Oil on Panel (116)

Jackie Schindehette
"Riot of Color "
2x4, Oil on Canvas (193)

Sally Shisler
"Veggies and Butterflies"
4x4, Oil on Linen (85)

Don Sondag
"By the Lake at Polasek"
12x16, Oil on Canvas (172)

Cindy Sturla
"The 5 O'clock from Jacksonville"
9x12, Watercolor (124)

Mary Jane Volkmann
"Ode to Gardeners Who Cheer Our Hearts"
10x8, Acrylic on Canvas (102)