2013 Artists & Artwork

Below are some of the paintings created during the 2013 Winter Park Paint Out. Click on any image or name to see more works by that artist.


Steve Andrews
"Winter Park Palm"
20x16, Oil on Canvas (821)

Linda Apriletti
"Nocturnal Palms"
6x8, Oil on Linen Panel (967)

Irina Kovnacka Ashcraft
"Park Avenue Colors"
8x8, Oil on Canvas (1005)

Stephen Bach
"On Ramp in Rain"
9x12, Oil on Canvas (892)

Stacy Barter
"Luma Blooms "
8x10, Oil on Linen (912)

Christophe Cardot
"The Angel Trumpet"
12x9, Oil on Linen (903)

Jane Chapin
14x11, Oil on Linen (913)

Hiu Lai Chong
12x16, Oil on Linen (1057)

Priscilla Coote
"Dance of the Toreador"
12x16, Oil on Panel (840)

Matthew Cornell
"Late in the Evening Looking Across Lake Killarny"
6x6, Oil on Wood (931)

Ken DeWaard
"The Colors of Polasek"
12x16, Oil on Linen (987)

Charles Dickinson
"Orchid Evening"
8x10, Oil on Linen Panel (1042)

Cynthia Edmonds
"Sailing Class"
20x16, Oil on Canvas (826)

Bill Farnsworth
12x16, Oil (1015)

Elisabeth Ferber
"Nightline Rail "
10x20, Oil on Canvas (911)

Stewart Jones
"Drying Out"
14x11, Watercolor (877)

Terry Mason
"Myakka State Park - Sarasota"
16x20, Oil on Canvas (843)

Berto Ortega
"An Orange Ave State of Mind"
24x23, Acrylic on Canvas (937)

Joe Palmerio
""Mermaid" Polasek Grounds "
8x6, Oil (1010)

Bobbie Puttrich
12x9, Oil on Canvas Board (997)

Gary Rupp
"Day's End"
12x9, Pastel (981)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Pink Moon"
10x8, Oil (1035)

Don Sondag
"Forest Idyl"
20x30, Oil on Canvas (1014)

Sheila Thornton
"Lucky Koi Fish"
11x14, Oil on Canvas (1028)

Trish Vevera
5x7, Oil on Canvas (947)