2014 Artists & Artwork

Below are some of the paintings created during the 2014 Winter Park Paint Out. Click on any image or name to see more works by that artist.


Natalia Andreeva
9x12, Oil on Linen (1264)

Steve Andrews
6x8, Oil (1260)

Linda Apriletti
"In the Garden of the Butterflies"
10x8, Oil on linen (1155)

Irina Kovnacka Ashcraft
"Embraced by Spring"
10x8, Oil on canvas (1135)

Stephen Bach
"Park Plaza Gardens"
14x11, Oil on canvas (1153)

Stacy Barter
"Unfettered Above the Clouds of Ignorance"
24x12, Oil on Linen (1114)

Thomas Bradshaw
"Along Lake Eustis"
8x10, Oil on Linen (1123)

Hiu Lai Chong
"Three on Park"
10x18, Oil (1268)

Matthew Cornell
"Susnset at Lake Killarney"
5x9, Oil on Wood (1327)

Kathleen Denis
"Across the Lake"
8x10, Oil (1237)

Charles Dickinson
"The Racquet Club View"
5x7, Oil (1201)

Bill Farnsworth
"Don't Forget to Dance"
16x12, Oil (1306)

Elisabeth Ferber
"Freddy's Farm - Orange"
22x28, Oil (1112)

Robert Frank
"Down the Trail"
20x16, Oil (1253)

John Guernsey
"Sun and Shawdow/ Polasek Gardens"
14x18, Oil (1218)

Catherine Hillis
"Big Sky in Winter Park"
13x9, Watercolor (1265)

Hai-Ou Hou
"The Spirit of Music"
16x12, Oil (1282)

Stewart Jones
"Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum"
14x11, Watercolor (1187)

Richard Lundgren
"Through the Trees"
14x11, Pastel (1184)

Jeff Ripple
"Lake Howell Cypress"
6x12, Oil on Linen (1228)

Gary Rupp
"Garden Peace"
9x12, Pastel (1197)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Morning Glitter"
16x12, (1241)

Don Sondag
"Morning Light"
16x16, Oil on Canvas (1199)

Sheila Thornton
"Some Day"
5x7, Oil on panel (1307)

Cory Wright
"Morning Light"
10 x8, Oil on Canvas (1281)