Natalia Andreeva
"Swan Heaven"
11x14, Oil on Linen on Board (1636)

Steve Andrews
"Daisy Dance"
11x14, Oil (1721)

Irina Kovnacka Ashcraft
"Polasek Bounty "
20x16, Oil on Canvas Board (1675)

Stacy Barter
"Birds Flying High- Commencement Day Rollins College"
16x8, Oil on Linen (1876)

Hiu Lai Chong
16x12, Oil (1759)

Matthew Cornell
"Lake Maitland Evening"
6x7, Oil on Panel (1779)

Kathleen Denis
"Confetti of Light "
8x6, Oil (1814)

Charles Dickinson
"Barney's (Oval)"
20x16, Oil (1840)

Bill Farnsworth
"Painting with Friends"
12x6, Oil (1772)

Mark Fernandez
"WP Farmers Market"
8x10, Oil on Panel (1862)

Mary Garrish
"Midday Tide"
11x14, Oil on Canvas (1647)

John Guernsey
"Flower Show/Polasek Gardens"
10x8, Oil (1877)

Joseph Gyurcsak
"Along the Path"
12x12, Acrylic (1718)

Michelle Held
"Land of the Free"
20x16, Oil (1809)

Scott Hiestand
"White Bird"
6x8, Acrylic on Board (1688)

Patrick Noze
14x11, Oil (1719)

Jeff Ripple
"The Jump Tree"
14x11, Oil on Panel (1831)

Robert Ross
"Rising to Freedom"
24x18, (1802)

Gary Rupp
"Holy Light"
12x9, Pastel (1743)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Water Lily's on Lake Osceola"
9x12, Oil (1796)

Manon Sander
"Capen Shadows"
12x9, Oil (1829)

Mary O. Smith
"Sculpture in the Shade "
20x16, Oil (1845)

Don Sondag
"Canal Palm"
24x18, Oil on Canvas (1882)

Cory Wright
12x9, Oil (1629)

Vladislav Yeliseyev
"Winter Park Bougainvellia"
15x22, Watercolor (1740)