Natalia Andreeva
"Lunch Time"
10x8, Oil (2714)

Steve Andrews
6x6, Oil (2582)

Linda Apriletti
"Lakeview of Rollins College"
6x8, Oil on linen (2595)

Irina Kovnacka Ashcraft
14x11, Oil on canvas panel (2586)

Stacy Barter
"Tiny Retreat from the Heat!"
10x8, Oil on linen (2692)

Matthew Cornell
"Last Ride of the Evening"
6x6, Oil on panel (2698)

Kathleen Denis
"Light from Above"
14x11, Oil (2736)

Charles Dickinson
"Garden Flowers"
8x10, Oil (2580)

Cynthia Edmonds
"Polasek Bananas"
11x14, Oil (2571)

Bill Farnsworth
"There She Goes"
6x9, Oil (2661)

Elisabeth Ferber
"10:00 & All is Quiet"
8x6, Oil (2713)

Mark Fernandez
"Artist at Work"
10x8, (2584)

John Gilbert
"Unfettered, 1924"
10x8, Watercolor (2722)

Michelle Held
"Gelato Anyone"
8x8, Oil (2702)

Scott Hiestand
"Sunrise on Lake Bell"
8x6, Acrylic (2570)

Peter Pettegrew
"Enchanted Evening"
16x20, Oil (2704)

Randy Pitts
"The Pond's Edge"
12x12, Oil (2545)

Robin Popp
"All Tucked In"
11x14, Oil on linen (2694)

Orit Reuben
"Morning at the Casa"
9x12, Pastel (2609)

Jeff Ripple
"Slanting Sun and Cypress"
8x6, Oil (2728)

Morgan Samuel Price
"High Noon on Park"
16x20, Oil (2516)

Manon Sander
"A Little Shady"
10x8, Oil (2521)

Don Sondag
"Morning Dinky Dock"
16x20, Oil on canvas (2613)

Thomas Thorspecken
"Lake Eola Night"
11x14, Watercolor (2542)

Cory Wright
"Lilies on the Lake"
14x11, Oil on linen (2544)