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"Fort Ramparts, NSB"
11x14, Watercolor (2509)

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John Gilbert

Winter Park, FL


"My philosophy of painting is to paint, paint, paint. Whether it is oil, acrylic or watercolor, painting is the act of creating an unspoken dialogue with the viewer. As the first person in the conversation, I spend time gathering source materials such as photos, drawings and sketches. I observe the intended scene, being careful to use good composition. I examine the composition for opportunities for enhancement, to create a subtle story in water color. I throw in some proven watercolor techniques and do careful experimenting to present my opening statement.

A relationship with a viewer begins when that person stops, pauses, observes and enters into the composition, looks around and feels either good or bad. We communicate and soon, have a common understanding. The good is always balanced by the bad. "


Artwork from the 2019 Paint Out

"Mead Gardens, Winter Park"
12x14, Watercolor (2537)

"Sculpture Gardens, Polasek Museum"
14x12, Watercolor (2538)

"Flamingo Bridge, Palmer Ave"
12x6, Watercolor (2597)

"Six Ibis Visit Greenwood"
9x12, Watercolor (2598)

"Unfettered, 1924"
10x8, Watercolor (2722)

"Hole #5, WP"
9x12, Watercolor (2723)

"Lake Mizell"
10x8, Watercolor (2724)

"1:50 Tee Time, WPG"
9x12, Watercolor (2725)

5x5, Watercolor (2726)

"Maitland Sunset"
9x12, Watercolor (2743)

"Entry Patio, Polasek Museum"
14x10, Watercolor (2768)

"Tar-Gate Rollins College"
9.5x7, Watercolor (2769)

"Along Genius Drive"
5x5, Watercolor (2771)

Background Information

John Gilbert is a watercolorist. A graduate of Florida State University with a BA -Fine Arts, he presents his work through galleries and juried art shows. He maintains memberships in Central Florida Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, Winter Garden Art Association, Art Center of Manatee and the Foosaner Art Center.

Mr. Gilbertís professional career is characterized by continued exploration of improving his techniques. He was chosen as the poster artist for the 1997 Maitland FL juried art show. He seeks workshop experiences and recently joined with the Volusia County FL plein air group and paints with them weekly.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • Fernandina Beach, FL Art Festival, May, 2017 First Place Watercolor.
  • Three-Artist Show, Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, Sanford, FL 2017
  • Fine Arts for Ocala FL Art Festival, October 2017; Purchase Award



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