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"Favorite Toy"
14x11, Oil (2497)

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Manon Sander

North Palm Beach, FL


"Light has the power to elevate an object from the mundane to the exquisite, illuminating something in all its brilliance while creating wonderful colors and designs in the shadows. How light influences color has been a source of endless fascination for me and provides inspiration anytime I slow down to really see things."


Artwork from the 2019 Paint Out

"A Little Shady"
10x8, Oil (2521)

10x8, Oil (2552)

"Midnight on Mizell"
7x5, Oil (2556)

"Interlochen Interlude"
9x12, Oil (2572)

"Al Fresco"
9x11, Oil (2619)

"Bob the Blob"
10x8, Oil (2620)

"Der Wassermann"
10x8, Oil (2644)

"Too Wired to Sleep"
6x6, Oil (2703)

"Float my Boat"
8x6, Oil (2727)

"Violet Hour"
5x7, Oil (2729)

"Dive Bar"
14x11, Oil (2731)

"A Special Rose For a Special Lady"
8x6, Oil (2777)

"Day's End"
8x6, Oil (2783)

Background Information

Manon grew up in Germany, always drawing and creating. In her twenties Manon moved to Chicago and painted murals for a decade, followed by a move to San Francisco. There, Manon studied oil painting at Marin Art School and under the tutelage of nationally known painters across the US, developing her own distinct style, cherished by collectors and students alike.
In August 2010 Manon entered a new phase in her life when she moved to sunny, buggy and wonderful Florida. Manon paints and teaches studio and plein air painting and is heavily involved in Plein Air Palm Beach, a major plein air group in South Florida. Manon is thrilled because living in Florida provides her with a never ending stream of inspiration. Having always been drawn to water Manon feels very connected to the ocean and the beach. She is inspired by the sunlight creating lavender shadows, by surfers and paddle boarders catching an aquamarine wave, by boats, by sea creatures and birds calling the ocean and beach their home.
Those are some of the many things which will spark that emotion in Manon that makes her grab her brushes, oils, and canvasses. Painting in oil, oftentimes from life, she puts her impressions down in thick juicy brush strokes, aiming to capture the essence and the light on her subject matter and the feelings evoked in her. Manon aims to share her love of life through paintings that reflect the color, light and joy she feels surrounded by and is ever so grateful for.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • Best of Show Award for "All Pumped Up", Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, 2014
  • Second Place at Jupiter Plein Air Competition 2015
  • Winner of "Artists' Choice Award" and the "Judge's Recognition for Excellence Award" at Delray Beach Plein Air Festival, 2016
  • Featured in the Palm Beacher, Jupiter Magazine, and Stuart Magazine as one of "10 Local Artists You Should Know", 2015
  • Paintings included in coffee 2015 table book "Down the Loxahatchee" by author, historian, and former White House Communications Officer Jim Snyder



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