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"Old Mill Falls"
12x16, Oil on Linen Panel (2514)

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Mark Fernandez

Newport, RI


"What motivates me is the atmosphere, light, and shadows of a scene. Plein air painting simplifies the visually complex, into a coherent two dimensional painting. It is a quick field study, exploring the relationship between abstract patterns and realism. Plein air painting is more akin to poetry than prose. By eliminating some visual elements and exaggerating others, the painter can reach his goal. "


Artwork from the 2019 Paint Out

"In Bloom"
12x16, Oil (2541)

"Mead Botanical Garden"
16x12, Oil on panel (2546)

"Artist at Work"
10x8, (2584)

"Kraft Azelea Garden"
12x16, Oil on linen panel (2589)

"Meeting Spot"
12x16, Oil on panel (2592)

"Canal Tour"
6x8, Oil on panwl (2593)

"Osceola Canal"
20x16, Oil on linen panel (2608)

"Park Ave"
12x9, Oil on panel (2663)

12x16, Oil on linen (2675)

"Boat House"
7x5, Oil on panel (2695)

"Then the Rain Came"
10x8, Oil on panel (2711)

"Throw Me a Bone"
12x16, Oil on linen (2752)

Background Information

Mark Fernandez is primarily a self taught painter. Mark started painting seriously in 2003. Early on, Mark was given the advice "the best way to learn to paint is to paint"' . Classes undoubtably helped, but doing is really the best teacher. Mark discovered Plein Air painting early on and struggled. With consistent work and encouragement from fellow artists, Mark advanced. Mark has taken workshops with Randall Sexton, David Lussier, Jill Carver, and Colley Whisson over the past 15 years to help refine his style. In 2015 Mark left his business career to devote himself to painting full time. Mark along with his wife, Laura, opened a gallery in Newport RI. The gallery "Art on Spring" features Mark's paintings, Laura's glass work and jewelry, as well as other artists ceramics and wood work.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • 2018 and 2017 Newport Art Museum Wet Paint Finalist
  • 2018 Spring Bull Gallery "All Hands on Deck" Show
  • 2018 Little Compton Annual Juried Art Show
  • 2017 Little Compton Annual Juried Art Show, Mary Sission Award for Best Landscape



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