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"By Any Other Name"
8x8, Oil (2489)

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Cory Wright

Anna Maria Island, FL


"The beauty of plein air painting for me, aside from the obvious delight of simply being outdoors observing nature, is communicating the energy, immediacy, and sense of feeling about a particular place through painting. I find I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting patterns and contrasts in shapes, values and color, be it a shadow cast on the sand or the reflection of a rock in the water. Driven to make the most of sharing the beauty I experience in my surroundings, I aim to snatch a moment of changing light and reveal that fragment of time to others. In doing so regularly, my hope is to become evermore skilled and masterful as an oil painter."


Artwork from the 2019 Paint Out

"Evening Stillness"
20x16, Oil on linen (2525)

"Lilies on the Lake"
14x11, Oil on linen (2544)

"April Flowers"
9x12, Oil (2563)

"Blushing Beauties"
8x16, Oil (2565)

"Morning in Mead Garden"
8x6, Oil (2601)

"Happy Little Clouds"
8x8, Oil (2602)

"Greeneda Court"
10x8, Oil (2623)

"His Majesty"
12x12, Oil (2670)

6x6, Oil (2719)

"Evening by the Lake"
14x11, Oil (2720)

"In the Garden"
12x9, Oil (2721)

"The Gate Keeper"
12x12, Oil (2741)

"And the Beet Goes On"
10x10, Oil (2757)

"At First Blush"
6x6, Oil (2758)

"Market Flowers"
8x8, Oil (2759)

Background Information

Cory Wright graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1998 with a BFA degree in Painting. In 1996 she was accepted into the school's European Honors Program and afforded the unique opportunity to study for 9 months in Rome, Italy. Since her time at RISD she has made frequent trips back to Italy, as it's a constant source of inspiration for her.

Preferring to work in oils on canvas or gouache on paper, for years Wright focused on painting still lives, florals, and commissioned canvas pieces. In addition to her fine art, she's had an accomplished career as a trompe l'oeil muralist for over 20 years.

Wright's artistic journey began to change course, however, in the fall of 2011 when she took her first of two plein air painting workshops in Tuscany with Florence Academy of Art instructor Marc Dalessio. This experience sparked a passion within her for painting the landscape en plein air that's been steadily growing ever since. She can now most often be found outdoors at her easel, surrounded by bright Florida sunshine, capturing the ever-changing effects of light and cast shadows on the land and sea around her.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • Honorable Mention Award - 2013 Paint the Town Bradenton juried show at Art Center Manatee
  • Honorable Mention Award - 2013 Sarasota Paint Out juried show at Art Center Sarasota
  • 1st Place Award - Hyde Park Chalk Walk Plein Air Painting Quick Draw event, 2013
  • Award of Merit - Hyde Park Chalk Walk Overall Plein Air Painting Competition
  • December 2012 Solo Exhibit, "Recent Italian Landscapes", South Shore Regional Library



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