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"Sunday Briar Patch Brunch"
16x12, Oil on Linen (2504)

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Stacy Barter

Winter Park, FL


"I paint exclusively in oils. I love the fluid feel of wet on wet painting. It is so challenging to try and capture the light as it changes and effects everything I see. The warms and cools that occur in full sun fascinate and challenge me."


Artwork from the 2019 Paint Out

"Perched Proudly Against the Sky"
24x12, Oil on linen (2526)

"Dawn Approaching"
11x14, Oil on linen (2531)

"Welcome to the Paint Out"
10x10, Oil on linen (2532)

"Lunch Break at the Polasek"
8x6, Oil on linen (2553)

"Bougainvillea Lake Glare"
12x9, Oil on linen (2564)

"I Hear the Train A Comin'"
11x14, Oil on linen (2591)

"Reflections of Old Glory"
12x16, Oil on linen (2621)

"Sun Setting at the Racquet Club"
10x10, Oil on linen (2665)

"Nesting in the Tree Tops"
8x6, Oil on linen (2676)

"Tiny Retreat from the Heat!"
10x8, Oil on linen (2692)

"Windy Greys"
6x8, Oil on linen (2717)

"I'll Take 2"
10x10, Oil on linen (2760)

"Opening Day Festivities, Winter Park’s Center for Health and Well-being"
12x16, Oil on Linen (2784)

Background Information

Stacy Barter's interest in drawing and painting began in high school when a friend invited her to paint Christmas scenes on watercolor paper note cards. She was enthralled and began sketching regularly in a journal. Her interest in art continued through college, where she took every art history class offered and numerous watercolor and drawing classes as well. Stacy attended Parson's School of Design in New York City and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA degree.

After graduating, while working in commercial art, Stacy stumbled into an oil painting workshop by Gregg Kreutz. She saw what he could do with minimal brush strokes... such rich darks, and glowing lights, such depth. It was overwhelming. After that, oil painting became her consuming passion.

Stacy has continued her pursuit of study and this summer she will be spending a month studying with Chinese Master Painter, Hiuhan Liu in San Fransisco.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • Selected to Exhibit 2014 Oil Painters of America National Exhibition
  • Selected to Exhibit 2014 Salon International
  • Selected to Exhibit 2014 First Annual Artists Guild
  • Best of Oil or Acrylic Award and Mayors Choice Award -- 19th Annual Carmel Art Festival
  • Best in Show $25,000 Award Blossom art of Flower Museum Exhibition/National Museum Tour



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