2018 Winter Park Paint Out Artist  



"Quick Draw Competition"
x, Watercolor (2198)

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Thomas Thorspecken

Orlando, FL




Artwork from the 2018 Paint Out

"Peacocks Roost"
11x14, Watercolor (2251)

"Painting Demo"
11x14, Watercolor (2263)

"Man Carving His Own Destiny"
11x14, Watercolor (2277)

"Artist Demo"
11x14, Watercolor (2319)

"Sunset 'Paint In'"
11x14, Watercolor (2365)

"Maiden of the Roman Campagna"
11x14, Watercolor (2434)

"Kerovac Poet"
9x12, Digital (2467)

Background Information

Thomas Thorspecken (Thor) studied animation and illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. And worked for ten years at Walt Disney Feature animation. In 2009 he made a new year’s resolution to do one sketch a day and share it with a worldwide community of Urban Sketchers through his online site Analog Artist Digital World.



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