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8x10, Oil (2193)

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Natalia Andreeva

Tallahassee, FL


"I had passion for the arts since I was a child. I was always fascinated by magic of colors, intrigued how palette of hues can emotionally affect you, and how adding a simple line or object can initiate a chain of associations.

I am always observing, leaning, and getting my inspiration from the Nature. My goal is in achieving an impression of true sense of life or imprint of that moment; my works express moods, emotions, intriguing relations between colors, and the beauty around us. "


Artwork from the 2018 Paint Out

"Black Creek"
10x20, Oil (2223)

"Spring Awakening"
12x16, Oil (2247)

10x8, Oil (2252)

"Demo of Trees"
14x11, Oil (2280)

"Knowles Church"
16x12, Oil (2356)

"Capen House"
11x14, Oil (2357)

"Ready to Fly"
8x10, Oil (2361)

"Lilac Sunset"
8x10, Oil (2362)

"Walking Around the Lake"
12x16, Oil (2363)

"Inspired by Masterpieces"
14x18, Oil (2392)

9x12, Oil (2411)

12x16, Oil (2436)

Background Information

Natalia Andreeva is a professional artist working with oil and watercolor media. Of Russian origin and presently residing in Tallahassee, Florida, Natalia traveled extensively through out the world, living many places abroad and in the United States, and was exposed to a wide range of artistic styles and traditions.

Among Natalia's favorite themes are exquisite plein air landscapes, depicting the subtlety of nature; still life, where vibrant shapes and internal dynamics are shown in contrast to the commonplace subjects; and finally, figures and portraits brimming with humanity, and giving testament to the beauty and harmony of the human condition. The possibility of extraordinarily free brushwork along with the transparency and freshness of the resulting paintings are, for her, the mediums strengths.

Natalia holds a diploma from Novosibirsk State Pedagogical Institute; her education includes postgraduate studies at the department of Painting and Composition at the Moscow Pedagogical University, and numerous workshops throughout Russia and the USA. Her work has been distinguished with honors and fellowships and can be found in private and corporate collections.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • 2013 - "Artist Choice Award" -Tilghman Island Paint Out, Easton, MD
  • 2013 - the 14th National Exhibition of the American Impressionist Society, M Gallery of Fine Art, Charleston, SC
  • 2013 - Solo Exhibition, DK Akademia, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • 2013 - Plein Air Competition & Arts Festival, Easton, MD
  • 2013 - America's Great Paint-Out, Florida's Forgotten Coast Plein Air Invitational, FL



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