Natalia Andreeva
"Rollins College"
16x12, Oil (1981)

Irina Kovnacka Ashcraft
"Iris Walk"
16x12, Oil on Canvas Panel (2009)

Stacy Barter
"The "Emily" Harp Fountain"
9x12, Oil on Linen (1957)

Matthew Cornell
"Lakeside Dreams"
8x10, Oil on Panel (2129)

Kathleen Denis
"Evening Glow"
10x10, Oil (2064)

Charles Dickinson
"The Historic Capen House"
11x14, Oil (2113)

Bill Farnsworth
"Here and Now"
9x12, Oil (2014)

Mark Fernandez
"Banana Tree"
8x10, Oil on Linen Panel (2122)

Harold Frontz
"Eola Lake"
8x10, Oil (2111)

Michelle Held
"Majestic Mead Gardens"
12x9, Oil (2152)

Scott Hiestand
"Summer Field"
6x8, Acrylic (1960)

Renee Lammers
"Venetian Canal Morning"
11x14, Oil on Copper (2036)

Patricia Maguire
14x11, Oil on Linen Panel (1940)

Suzanne Morris
"Fountain Reflections"
14x18, Oil on Linen (2112)

Patrick Noze
"Rising Hope"
14x11, Oil (1962)

Barbara Ortiz
"Along the Canal"
8x10, Oil on Linen (2004)

Jeff Ripple
"Morning at Lake Howell"
12x16, Oil on Board (2145)

Gary Rupp
"Morning By the Lake"
9x12, Pastel (2026)

Tom Sadler
"The Capen House"
16.75x16.625, Oil on Panel (2150)

Morgan Samuel Price
"Home Sweet Home"
9x12, Oil (2044)

Manon Sander
"Rollin' on Rollins"
11x14, Oil (1996)

Don Sondag
"Racquet Club Sun"
18x20, Oil on Canvas (2049)

Ruth Squitieri
"Awaiting the Journey"
20x16, Oil on Panel (1942)

Cory Wright
"Lunch in Winter Park"
8x8, Oil (2032)

Vladislav Yeliseyev
"At the Crossing"
11x15, Watercolor (2167)