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"Sunset Over the Harbor"
11x14, Oil on Linen (1912)

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Suzanne Morris

Richmond, VA


"Light falling across a scene can transform an ordinary subject into an extraordinary one. It is the joy I feel when I come across one of these special moments that I try to capture on my canvases. This is accomplished by adherence to light and shadow patterns, the use of vivid descriptive color, and bold expressive brushwork. Being an artist is a privilege. It is about being in a special place and developing the means to express how I feel about that place."



Artwork from the 2017 Paint Out

14x11, oil on Linen Panel (1927)

"Crossing the Lake"
12x16, Oil on Linen Panel (1968)

"Catch of the Day"
14x10, (1969)

"Family Time"
12x9, Oil on Linen Panel (1970)

"Calling All Butterflys"
10x8, Oil on Linen Panel (2030)

"Last Man Standing"
8x10, Oil on Linen Panel (2031)

"Fountain Reflections"
14x18, Oil on Linen (2112)

"Swiftly Go the Days"
11x14, Oil on Linen Panels (2114)

"A Walk in the Park"
12x12, Oil on Linen Panel (2133)

"Bougainvillea & Palms"
12x9, Oil on Linen Panel (2134)

10x8, Oil on Linen (2140)

Background Information

Working in an alla prima method, using broken color, and expressive brushwork, Suzanne Morris looks beyond the literal interpretation of a scene to capture the spirit of her subjects. Drawn to a scene that is magically transformed by the light falling across it, she uses a limited palette to create harmonious paintings that tell a story of a particular time and place.

Suzanne majored in pre-med and biology at Mary Washington College. While predominately self taught, she has studied with master painters throughout the country.

She is a signature member of ASMA, and PAPNM; an artist member of LPAPA; and an associate member of CAC, OPA, MAPAPA, OPS, PAAC, and WAOW. She served as Show Chair for AIS in 2013. In addition to participating in gallery shows, Morris competes in plein air festivals and her work continues to be accepted into national and invitational shows. She has mounted at least one solo show every year since she began painting full time. Suzanne teaches weekly classes and workshops as well as hosting workshops for other nationally recognized painters. She has served as both entry and awards juror for events and exhibitions. Most notable of her corporate collectors are Duke University Hospital, The UCLA Medical School at Irvine, Burtís Bees, East Carolina Bank, and the Commandant of Mid Shipmen at Annapolis Naval Academy. Her work has been featured in American Art Collector, Plein Air, and Southwest Art magazines.



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