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Renee Lammers

Winter Park, FL


"Many people ask me why I paint with oil on copper. I found inspiration in viewing 140 oil on copper paintings at a museum in Holland. There I discovered that the heat constant of the oil and copper are nearly identical, creating a crack free substrate even after 600 years. I also love the luminosity copper gives to a work of art. I started to paint plein air with oil on copper in 2007 and have never looked back."



Artwork from the 2017 Paint Out

11x14, Oil on Copper (1920)

"Winter Park Boat House"
4x5, Oil on Copper (1921)

"Emily Fountain"
14x11, Oil on Copper (1931)

"Venetian Canal"
11x14, Oil on Copper (1956)

"Morning Light on Venetian Canal"
11x14, Oil on Copper (1999)

"Venetian Canal Morning"
11x14, Oil on Copper (2036)

"Sunset Over Isle of Sicily"
5x7, Oil on Copper (2058)

"Talbot Dresses"
7x5, Oil on Copper (2059)

"Winter Park Racquet Club Glow"
5x7, Oil on Copper (2060)

"Oil on Copper"
5x7, Swimming Laps (2061)

"Fil the Barred Owl"
4x5, Oil on Copper (2084)

"Charely the Great Horn Owl "
4x5, Oil on Copper (2085)

Background Information

Renee Lammers has been fortunate to study with two great painters during her career. First was Professor Gary Bolding, Stetson University, who shared many painting secrets while the class painted elaborate still lifes. He suggested getting close to an object to see details then moving back farther to the easel. Second was Stapleton Kearns who drove with Renee to Acadia National Park for two months in the Summer of 2010. During those three hour drives, he told her wonderful painting stories and shared his secrets of painting. Renee and Kearns painted for 10 hours a day on Acadia's cliffs. His suggestion of a limited palette has been an important factor in Renee’s work ever since. To quote Renee, “I am very grateful for both of these teachers. I believe plein air painting is the most important thing any artist can do to improve their skill and I love it!”



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