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"Angel Trumpet"
14x11, Acrylic (1903)

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Patrick Noze

Orlando, FL


"I am always thinking about the wonders of the world from its simplest to its most complex shapes and forms. To my eyes the world is a large canvas. Everything I see and dream about or every experience I encounter is an inspiration for my next Painting. "



Artwork from the 2017 Paint Out

20x16, Acrylic on Canvas (1933)
$1200 plus tax

"Patrick Noze"
14x11, Acrylic on Board (1947)
$400 plus tax

"Rising Hope"
14x11, Oil (1962)
$800 plus tax

"Shooting Star"
12x12, Oil on Formica (1985)
$800 plus tax

"Resting in the Fields"
11x14, Oil on Canvas (2028)
$650 plus tax

14x11, Oil on Canvas (2029)
$650 plus tax

"Evoking Memories"
11x14, Oil on Canvas (2035)
$550 plus tax

"Illusion of Movement"
20x16, Acrylic (2092)
$1200 plus tax

"Prelude to Nightfall"
12x12, Oil on Board (2093)
$650 plus tax

"Night of April Sunset"
12x12, Oil on Board (2095)
$650 plus tax

Background Information

Patrick Noze is a Haitian born artist and studied at the Pratt Institute School of Art in New York. A professional teacher, portrait painter, and sculptor; his colorful work emphasizes Haitian culture and can be both impressionistic and abstract. Patrick is an active member of the Multicultural Artists of the State of Florida and volunteers for this global mission--teaching and inspiring the next generation.



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