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"Morning Light on the Morse"
10x8, Oil (1891)

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Charles Dickinson

St. Augustine, FL


"I find the world in all of its variety an endless source of inspiration. I use bold colors, strong compostions, and solid drawings as the foundation of my paintings to capture what I see and feel. My ultimate goal is to create lasting works of fine art that express the spirit and beauty of nature. "



Artwork from the 2017 Paint Out

"Station of the Cross"
7x5, Oil (1923)

"Washington Oaks Roses"
10x8, Oil (1939)

"Angel Trumpets"
7x5, Oil (1976)

"Rollins' Boats"
11x14, Oil (1977)

"Knowles Chapel with Roses"
12x9, Oil (1995)

"Shine Brighter Than a Shooting Star"
10x8, Oil (2034)

"The Racquet Club"
8x10, Oil (2050)

"The Historic Capen House"
11x14, Oil (2113)

"Rollins College on Lake Virginia"
14x24, Oil on Linen (2146)

"Where the Roses Bloom"
7x5, Oil (2147)

"The Old Colony"
10x8, Oil (2175)

Background Information

Charles Dickinson, a Connecticut native now living in Florida, is a graduate of Paier School of Art with an additional two years of study at Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Connecticut. He has been a professional plein air artist for more than twenty-five years. Dickinson is an award-winning artist that has been commissioned for paintings throughout the East coast and is collected by private collectors internationally. In addition to Dickinson's plein air work he also enjoys the challenges of imaginary studio work.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • 2016 "Best of Show" Jean Wagner Troemel Award at the Spring Members Show
  • 2015 "First Place" at Paradise Paint Out Quickdraw, Islamorada, FL
  • 2015 "Honorable Mention" at the Lighthouse Art Center Plein Air Festival in Tequesta, FL
  • 2014 - Best of Show, Spring Members Show, St. Augustine, FL



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