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"Moon Rise Over Lake Virginia"
8x10, Oil on Panel (1900)

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Matthew Cornell

Winter Park, FL


"My paintings are observations of landscape, distilled with space, light, and color. They are narratives of grandiose weather, somber cloudscapes with microbursts sweeping across the land and the vast empty sea. My work is a celebration of our uniquely American landscape."



Artwork from the 2017 Paint Out

7.5x21.5, Oil on Board (1979)

"Evening Sky"
12x16, Oil on Panel (2003)

"Lakeside Dreams"
5x4.5, Oil on Panel (2022)

"Going Home"
6x7, Oil on Panel (2054)

"Twilight on Lake Maitland"
6.5x9.5, Oil on Panel (2056)

"Lakeside Dreams"
8x10, Oil on Panel (2129)

4x5, Oil on Panel (2157)

"Farmers Market"
9x12, Oil on Wood (2158)

"Misty Morning"
10x8, Oil on Panel (2159)

"Saturday at the Capen"
13.5x9, Oil on Panel (2181)

Awards and Exhibitions

  • 2009 - 1st Place Painting, Winter Park Art Festival
  • 2008 - 1st Place Painting, Winter Park Art Festival
  • 2007 - Best of Show, Painting; Old Town Art Fair, Chicago, IL
  • 2006 - Morse Museum Award, Winter Park Art Festival
  • 2005 - 1st Place Drawing, Winter Park Art Festival



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