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Berto Ortega

Winter Park, FL


"I strive to communicate on a universal level, believing that the finest art transcends language, time and culture."


Artwork from the 2011 Paint Out

"East Garden View"
8x10, Oil on Board (339)

"A Polasek Welcome"
19.25x13.5, Acrylic on Board (274)

"Garden Party"
8x10, Oil on Board (337)

"Artists at Work"
8x10, Oil on Board (338)

"Randy's Courtyard"
8x10, Oil on Board (340)

"Coffee Break"
8x10, Oil on Board (341)

"Happy Home (Casa Feliz)"
8x10, Oil on Board (398)

"Dock Party"
8x10, Oil on Board (400)

"Victorious Christ"
14x11, Oil on Panel (458)

"Farmer's Market Bustle"
20x24, Oil on Board (480)

Background Information

Berto Ortega knew at an early age he was born to paint. His persistent preoccupation with painting people and nature landed eight year old Berto a scholarship with New England portraitist, Stacy Netherland. Born in New York City to Puerto Rican immigrant parents, Berto is grateful for this early influence and attributes this providential apprenticeship to instilling in him at such a young age, essential artistic principles. With this strong foundation it not only ignited his enthusiasm, but also equipped him with the skills to communicate through his art.

Throughout his early adulthood he studied life drawing and painting at the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In Philadelphia, he also did intensive studies in drawing and painting at Studio Incamminati and Fleischer Memorial. His further influences come from studying the Masters which identifies his work by the seamless application of 'old school' principles.

While living in West Florida, Berto was a regular teacher on METV (Manatee) and SETV (Sarasota) educational programming and is now teaching at Crealde Art School, as well as private studies and workshops. Currently residing in Winter Park, Florida, Berto is able to combine his love of painting and teaching around the Central Florida area. The local lakes, gardens and cultural events provide excellent sources for Berto to continue his quest for universal communication through his art.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • Created the NBA Day of Service Mural at Coalition for the Homeless, Downtown - Orlando, FL.
  • Artwork chosen for the Hanwha International 2013 Calendar.
  • Artist-in-Residence at Faith Arts Village - Orlando,FL.
  • Teach-In at Killarney Elementary - Winter Park, FL.
  • BASE Camp Cancer Outreach - Maitland, FL.



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